Monday, September 1, 2008

Ink and Paper

Here's some more press on the event as well as more pics...

If you have pics, add them to the

We'll keep working on those race results too, so check back often as more news, pics and stories develop.

Friday, August 29, 2008


All video below yanked from YourTube...thanks to all who shot it!

Passini Love...

These thongs are made for walking...

Going Down...

Courtesy of DirtRag...

Rachel's got pipes!


Velodrome Action

BikeBox Cooler

Thursday, August 28, 2008



Coming Soon...check back often.

Hella™ Tighty

Unexpected fans of our underpants class are literally "popping" up everywhere...
If you rocked the Jockey's this guy has favorited your photos...

Wednesday, August 27, 2008


Just in case you have been living under a rock. There is a great Photo sharing place called flickr
There are way to many pictures. Enjoy!

Last stuff to make it in

Luce GoodsLucie made these supper sweet bags for us with the logo on them

Ibis made these shirts for the event

Vicious Cycles

Tuesday, August 19, 2008


Just a little shot to entice actually finishing the event.

Thanks go to Paragon Machine Works and Laser Impressions!

Monday, August 18, 2008


Click on the above pic to see it BIGGER. 

Don't miss this sweet little jaunt through the city by the bay (and beyond)...

This is going down this Friday in Ess Eff. Here's our previous blurb...

"Then in the evening head to American Cyclery in San Francisco at 4pm for a ride through the city across the Golden Gate Bridge for a BBQ in the Marin Headlands. It's about an hour drive to San Francisco from Napa."

Oh yeah and here's a little tid-bit of info for all of yous planning on sporting the speedo and tri-suit for the day:

"The coldest winter I ever spent was 
a summer in San Francisco."
...not really uttered by Mark Twain

He might not have really said it, but there's some truth in it. 

Bring warm clothes for the evening/night-time cause there won't be any $19.99 "I Heart SF" Polarfleece jackets for sale at the end of this ride.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

there's not much left to do...

...but rest up.  With the end of the last weekend before the big event coming to a close we're gonna kick back and watch one of our favorite films and get ready for the week ahead.

bicycle riding.

....a little teaser of some single track.

Friday, August 15, 2008

More Product

Chuey BrandLuce Goods
Panels for custom "Lucette bags"

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Breakfast of Champions?

If you're looking to make it through all 3 laps of the race, perhaps starting with a hearty breakfast at The Soscol Cafe might be a good idea.  If you're just looking to make it through the weekend - perhaps breakfast here would also be a good idea.  

More Product

Paul ComponentsWhite Industries
Clif Bar

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

More Stuff



Taco Truck

Sheila Moon

Taco Truck

more stuff

Sunscreen and Tecnu

Don't forget the lotion(s)

Monday, August 11, 2008

Course Clues

So we've spent the past few weekends riding the course with other mortals. No one on our rides was a real contender, but we did have most skill levels, bike set ups and attitudes covered.

Gear ratios and the likeWe're not rocket scientists (well most of us). But we did grow up riding here and have spent a considerable amount of time out there, so we might know a little bit about what we speak. Let's see, we're pretty much mid-pack fodder and have been using the following with much higher success (read ease, fun, ability) at Skyline:


Now you he-men can come and rock the 2:1 all day, we're just saying that there are STEEP climbs, sometimes short, sometimes not, technical sections and loose rock. There is NOT a lot of flat sections. Choose what you think you can rock for 3 laps with about 5000' of climbing give or take.

Still need more info, refer to Sheldon Brown , Surly Spew, or your beloved forums.

Bigger is better
Knobs are better (tires not people)
Semi slicks are not recommended as there are actually rocks and obstacles on this course.

Air Pressure
More is better, unless you really, really like fixing pinch flats. In the heat. Near or on poison oak. While you lose the race.

Rigid vs. Suspension
How do you feel about feeling like shit the next day? Like it? Go rigid.
80mm is nice. 100mm is better. At least that's what some of us think.

Still think you're gonna win? When the chump in front of you stacks it on the single track, you might want to think twice about hopping off and running your ass through the beautiful field of red, green, yellow or stick poison oak. Helping others has a much higher karma value.

Listening Skills
Let's say you're riding near/behind/ or somehow alongside someone who says they have actually ridden Skyline. If they say it might be wise to :
A. Slow down
B. Watch out
C. Get off and walk
D. All of the above

You should listen to them.

You can always prove yourself on the next lap.

This course has been (rightfully) described as pretty technical. There is a great cross-section of Northern California terrain involved. Exposed rock sections, steep climbs, smooth, fast single-track, tree covered sections, fire-roads, loose, off-camber descents. A little bit of everything. All fun. If you have 10 thumbs, you can still finish this race, you just might have to walk a few more sections than Cameron.

By the way, there are sections you WILL have to walk up, so no tears if your ├╝ber-cool, ultra-lightweight, carbon soled shoes get all scratched.

Poison Oak:
Staying on the trails is your best bet to not being afflicted with the itchy scratchys down there (and everywhere). Again, we've been out for the past month and (knock on wood) have not gotten any oak. But it IS out there. Everywhere. It can be red. Or green, or yellow, or sticks. Best piece of advice we can give you? DO NOT TOUCH ANYTHING but your bike.

After the race, make like high school prom and take a cold shower.


**We're not trying to freak you all out, just giving folks that have never seen this beautiful plant a reality check. With the proper care, it is totally possible to not get it.

Riding your bike in the United States
Welcome to the USA, now pay attention--bikes are second (third) class citizens. This isn't Sweden or Holland. That being said you need to do a few things:

1. Pay attention to traffic--you want to ride with it
2. While riding around Napa at night, use your lights (head and tail-lights)---no need to give Johnny Law a reason to pull you over---this means BRING LIGHTS, (you don't need super hi-dollar lights, but something shiny and blinky will help).
It will be wise (and fun) to ride to almost every location here in town. You really won't need a car or a cab to get around-everything is flat and within biking distance.

SSWC goof off ride change


Ok we will try not to have any more changes. Jeremy Sycip wants to host a little open house at the shop, so we are changing the days around, so we will have more time to hang out at their shop.

Wed 8/20 - Howarth Park Dirt Crit Santa Rosa, CA - This is a super fun, low key race. The course is about 1 mile long and you get to go around it a bunch of hurts. Santa Rosa is about 45 minutes from Napa.

Thursday 8/21 - Meet at the Lawndale parking lot at Annadel in Santa Rosa for a 10am ride. These are by far our favorite trails to ride -Ride throught the park-Ride over to the Sycip shop for some food (Taco truck will be on hand) or head across the street to the English Pub. We should be at the Sycip shop by 1pm. When you get tired of hanging out, head back through the park to your car. Back to Napa.

Friday 8/22 - Meet at the Java Hut in Fairfax at 10am and enjoy the Pine Mountain loop. It's a great loop in Marin with plenty of options to get back to town. Fairfax is about 45 minutes from Napa. Then in the evening head to American Cyclery in San Francisco at 4pm for a ride through the city across the Golden Gate Bridge for a BBQ in the Marin Headlands. It's about an hour drive to San Francisco from Napa.

Saturday 8/23 - Registration at Skyline Park starting at 12-5pm. Party to follow somewhere in town TBD.

Sunday 8/24 - Race 10am at Skyline Park. Get there early cuz someone will have something to say beforehand. Registration will open at 8am for those that don't make it Saturday.

Friday, August 8, 2008

Have you seen me?

We might not be the best parents but we'll never leave one of ours at the airport...

Now Swiftwick, get into your carseat and be good...

more product

Princeton TecFormula & Max

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Wagon Queen Family Truckster

Had to trade in the ol' minivan on something a little bigger.

Welcome to the family...

Luce Goods
Clif Bar
Engin Cycles
Sheila Moon

...Now sit down and don't even make me pull this thing over and show you who's boss...

Wednesday, August 6, 2008


Several of us went out last weekend and pre rode the course - and all that can be said is it's gonna be fun.  You may not recognize our poster boy Chris in this photo cuz he's wearing a shirt, not drinking a beer and not ice fishing - but here he is enjoying some of what you'll be riding in several weeks time.

more product

American cyclery Party

Our friends at American want to invite you out for A little fun.





Come join us in the City on the Bay in anticipation of the Greatest Show on Earth, the SSWC! This unique opportunity allows you to mingle with the seedy underbelly of San Francisco's bicycling culture, and ride with them off road in the urban environ. This all starts at the legendary American Cyclery, SF's oldest bike shop and refuge to the cycling masses. We then ride mostly off road and across the Golden Gate Bridge to the Marin Headland for much social exuberance.

-Meet and greet old and new friends from afar!

-Size up the competition!

-Determine who's most likely to make a drunken ass of themselves!

-Demonstrate your intent to make a drunken ass of yourself!

-BBQ foodstuffs in true 49er style!

-Imbibe beverages of fortitude and refreshment!

-Show your mettle in various Feats of Strength!

-Win prizes of interest and useful nature!

Meet at American Cyclery (Frederick and Stanyan)

4p.m. Friday August 22nd

Ride at 5p.m. SHARP! Rain or shine!

Hosted by American Cyclery, the Soil Saloon,

and The Sons Of the One Speed Revolution,

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

All in the family

Somebody smile and say "D&D" Rules!

Thanks to very relaxed marriage views, more folks have joined our loving clan...

American Cyclery
Igleheart Custom Frames
Princeton Tec
Fox Racing Shox
Cartlidge & Brown Winery

Welcome to the big kids table.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Videy Hoes

Like Paris and Pamela, we've gotten our hands on a video camera and several mounts so we're starting to post some test video from our first use of GoPro camera and different bikes. 

They're rough right now, but will get better. Idea is to show you a little of the course, bit by bit. Tease the crap outta ya and get you motivated for the main event.

See them either in our "Video bar" link on side-bar or go to YouTube:

OK, now put your pants back on and watch.

more stuff

Telly Savalas Players ClubYou can just make out a bottle!

Chris King

Monday, July 28, 2008

Product is here!

Don't worry, we have all the swag you need here at HQ. Product is steadily coming in every day.

Twin Six

Tec Labs

Phil Wood
Go Pro
New Belgium

Thursday, July 24, 2008

July Update

So here it is end of July. We spent some time on the beach, cold chillin, peepin' the scene, but now it's all business up front.

Things are moving really quickly.
What's been going on:
• Course scoped out, GPS'd--it is gonna be a tough mother. You rigid fork folks are in for some fun!
• Initial GoPro video's shot---soon to Youtube
• T-shirts ordered
• Other bits ordered
• Getting pre-rides before event outlined--there is going to be rides going off most of the week before and after, all over bay area-we'll keep you posted as soon as we know.

We're also really excited to announce the newest crew of folks to join our little parade...

Independent Fabrications
Paul Components
GoPro Video Cameras
Chuey Brand Hats and Clothing
Rock Lobster Cycles
Spectrum Powder Coating
Santa Cruz Bikes
Pereira Cycles
DeSalvo Cycles
Dirt Rag

Stay tuned, a lot more to come.

Monday, July 14, 2008

Mt. Tam with Jacquie

A certain WOMBAT has a great plan for folks in the area before SSWC08, read on...

Contact Jacquie directly for nifty PDF of Itinerary and to get on board now!

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Red with Envy

A little course riding and scouting was in order last week. While we were out, we saw all of these beautiful red plants...

...when you're out there, they might be red. Or golden. Or green. Or sticks.

You should try not to touch them.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Weave On

If you plan on even having a chance at the podium in August, peep this required training style:


Thursday, July 3, 2008

Gettin' ready to pop

Pretty sure we felt it kick while shaving this morning...

It's July and we're getting closer by the day to delivering a healthy race.

Stay tuned for more info, some course pictures and whatnot...

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Golden Ticket Opportunity

The water's great-come on in!

There will be 6 of these up for grabs. Only available if you race.

Sunday, June 29

Get this on your calendar now...

We repeat...

Sunday, June 29's your opportunity to preview parts of the SSWC08 course, sample the terrain and take part in a great local race—all at the same time!

Come race the Eagle Cycling Mtn Bike Race, at Skyline
Park in beee-u-teeful Napa Valley. Gears or SS are in this one, as
well as more categories than you can shake a stick at.

Not only a really fun, technical course, there's actually an opportunity make a little $$!
$300 Pro/Elite/Expert purse. Awarded by fastest times to the top five male and female finishers. Medals to third place in all classes.

Oh yeah and one more thing (or 6 more things)—
If you didn’t get into SSWC08, here’s your chance …

6 Golden Tickets available

3 go to top finishers in SS category at Eagles Skyline Race
3 go to other SS'ers — randomly chosen by us at Eagles Skyline Race

Sign up here

Get more info here

This is the best opportunity you can get to race not only a great event and support local cycling, but also to preview what we're gonna throw at you come August.

We'll see you out there!